How much are lessons?

DrumLab’s lesson fees are very competitive and there are a number different structures, teachers and venues. They are detailed in the ‘About’ tab on this website, along with some general booking terms and conditions.


Do I need a Drum Set?

Not initially. Especially for a start-up student, as it’s always good to cover some orientation work within the studio environment firstly to establish an ‘affinity’ with the instrument before buying one. It also encourages students to focus a little more or on some important foundation theory and technique on a practice pad at home prior to purchasing a full kit. Eventually of course, your own kit will be essential… and fun!


What age do I need to be to start playing Drums?

Initially, the DrumLab studios were not accepting students below 12yrs, but in the past year, students as young as 7 years-old have come knocking on the door, and blowing the teachers away with how quickly they learn and play. Unfortunately, any child younger than about 7 will have a physical problem just reaching the pedals.


What is the duration of lessons?

DrumLab sessions are 45mins in-duration, though many folks from further afield attend 90mins sessions twice monthly to save on travel time and costs. DrumLab has regularly-attending students from Witbank, Klerksdorp, Pretoria and Vanderbijlpark. The DrumLab studios also have a number of students from U.S.A. UAE. France, Japan, Germany, China, Iran and South Korea!
Many more advanced Drums students looking to hone certain skills will block-book sessions at one or other of the facilities to focus on particular aspects of their playing, perhaps with a view to attending an audition or starting to play professionally.


For how long should I attend lessons?

That’s the eternal question, and of course the answer is for as long as you are learning something useful on the instrument and having a great time doing it.
As very rough guideline for somebody starting out on the big adventure of playing Drums, to play to standard of proficiency and adequate knowledge and with the requisite amount of time to practice, look at between 4 – 6 months – but by then you’ll be hooked and never want to stop learning!


What courses and exams are on offer?

Should you require to sit Drum Kit exams, DrumLab caters for every one of the accredited Exam-based Drum Kit syllabuses in SA and all teachers on the faculty are well-acquainted with every subject and grade level – many being Distinction-Level graduates themselves previously. The syllabus and study guide can be found on the ‘About’ tab on this website under  ‘Curriculum Options’. There is also a very comprehensive internal non-exam based DrumLab study set, with a quarterly assessment.


What do I need to bring to lessons and what do I receive?

Just yourself, preferably some clothes, and your sticks – if you prefer your own. You will receive both printed and audio material on a weekly basis, and you are required to bring that work to each lesson in a categorised file as you accumulate study material.


Do I get To play ‘real’ Music and my favourite tracks?

Absolutely, yes. Aside from studying with specially-constructed music tracks in various styles, part of the reward of learning to play an instrument properly is the joy of finally realising your dream of playing your favourite song…. perfectly…. and a whole lot more besides.

How Do I Get Started?

Just contact us at info@drumlab.co.za or call 083 375 3350 for a trial lesson and leave the rest to us!