Rates, Terms & Conditions.

DrumLab believes in total transparency with regard to rates, terms and conditions. There is no ‘sign-in’ before you can view prices or convoluted agreements, and lessons are strictly one-on-one.

Whilst the DrumLab group of studios boast the best facilities and teachers available, prices have been kept a very reasonable rate. The goal being, that DrumLabs be accessible for all drums students to enjoy, at every level and budget.

On-Line live Drums sessions are conducted in the same clear, concise and easy to understand manner as the ‘in-person’ structured lessons. Be sure to have a good quality webcam (in line-of-sight of you and the Drums) with microphone, and a minimum 4Mb Broadband connection. Printed & Audio material for study will be transferred via a free DrumLab Dropbox account for each student. 



(Instructors – Po-Chung Chen / Keith Marisheni / Nick McCreadie / Nelis Du Plesis)


R375.00 per 45min drums session  Includes Percussion (Djembe, Congas etc.) sessions option with Nick McCreadie

(Individual One-on-One / inc. all printed & audio materials)

Mini Skype Logo R450.00 per 60min Live On-Line Sessions From DrumLab with Neill Ettridge.



(Instructors – Shaun James / Po Chung Chen / Zech Jordaan)


R375.00 per 45min drums session.

(Individual One-on-One / inc. all printed & audio materials)



(Instructors –  Nick McCreadie / Fred Helliwell / Nelis Du Plessis)


R375.00 per 45min drums session.

(Individual One-on-One / inc. all printed & audio materials)



(Instructors – Nelis Du Plessis / Po-Chung Chen)


R450.00 per 60min drums session.

(Individual One-on-One / inc. all printed & audio materials)



Payment by EFT at commencement of each lesson month.

4-Lesson minimum booking.



Lesson confirmations are sent by SMS/WhatsApp approximately 24hrs in advance of the appointed time. Acknowledgment of the confirmation is required to process the slot as it may otherwise be forfeited or charged-for.

Within a 24 hour confirmation of your appointed session time, a cancellation will be strictly subject to the full session fee. Cancelled sessions within the terms of notice (outside of 24hrs) will be carried-over at no-charge. This policy is imposed because at any time, applying students might be wait-listed or turned away because all the available times are reserved for existing students.

All the DrumLab faculty are top industry players in their own right. On rare occasions a student’s regular instructor may not be available due to external commitments. Should the teacher not be available on an appointed time, the student agrees to have the lesson conducted by an equally qualified member of the DrumLab faculty. Should this not be possible or the facility closed due to Public Holiday etc. the lesson period will be credited.

Irrespective of attendance, a minimum of two lesson fees will be charged to the account holder per month to cover administration and reserved slot allocation.

A student may cancel his/her engagement on the course subject to one full month’s notice or payment thereof.

Given just cause, DrumLab can dismiss a student from the course with one full month’s notice.

The student will, when and wherever possible endeavor to undertake the work set on a weekly basis to a reasonable standard.

Common courtesy and lesson protocol will be observed at all times.