All five DrumLab venues boast just about the best equipment available of any such facility, and we are proud to be associated with many of the leading percussion manufacturers in the world.

photo 1-1As an international endorser for Sonor Drums (Germany), Zildjian Cymbals (USA), Pro Mark Drumsticks (USA) and Remo Drumheads (USA) and Roland V-Drums (Japan) – DrumLab director, Neill Ettridge has tied these product lines in to each of the fantastic DrumLab facilities, ensuring that all students play only the very best equipment available. To often, poor and shoddily-maintained equipment can all too easily compromise a student’s progress and performance.

DrumLab not only features the best gear to play, but each studio is also digitally video & audio- linked via high-speed broadband, for such instances such as transferring of specific material and live cross-referencing of performance-based criteria, and sometimes just to resolve a playing or study problem that a student may have at any of the venues, which can easily overcome by all teachers being able to confer in real-time between the four DrumLabs.

IMG_1078Another exciting aspect of the DrumLab studios is the ability to professionally record selected tunes, ultimately culminating in a demo-disc of each student’s outstanding drums performances across their study term that they can take home, or even potentially use for school or band auditions.

Additionally, all DrumLab are air-conditioned, have free hot & cold beverages available and even occasionally, biscuits… if you’ve practiced!

For a synopsis of the DrumLab Studios’ inventory across all venues, see below.

Acoustic Drums:  Sonor (Germany) Select Force / Force 2008 – Maple Shell 5-Piece

Digital Drums:  Roland (Japan) V-Drums – TD 15KV & TD 30KV

Digital Drums Sampler/Sequencer: Roland SPD-SX

Cymbals:  Zildjian (USA) A, K, K-Custom Hybrid, Armand and Gen-16 Ranges

Sticks: Pro-Mark (USA)  ‘Neill Ettridge’ Signature Range

Drum Heads: Remo (USA) Ambassador Coated/Clear, Emperor Vintage Coated, Powerstroke 3 Clear

Digital Desk: Yamaha (Japan)  01V Version 2

Analogue Audio Desks: Yamaha MG82 / Behringer (Germany) XENYX 802

Microphones: Audix (USA) & Samson D-Series + Overhead Condensors

Sound Cards: RME 9652 ADAT 16-Channel with Expansion Board / Steinberg UR22 2×2 USB & MIDi Interface

Studio Monitors:  KRK XT 8 Series, RCF ARYA 8,  M-AUDIO BX8 & BEHRINGER B2030A

Software: Steinberg (Germany) Cubase 8.5 + Plug-Ins, Wavelab Pro 9 & BFD 3.0