The ProMark (USA) TXNEW Signature Drumsticks are now the amongst the best-selling sticks in South Africa!
Played and recommended by many of the top professionals in the industry, the Neill Ettridge-designed stick features what Neill considers to be many of the attributes of some of the best drum sticks models across different brands available, merged in to one contemporary design and manufactured to the exacting standards of one of the world’s most renowned Drumstick companies, ProMark USA.
With a great weight and balance, reduced taper and high-definition squared tip for enhanced stick  response, the ProMark ‘Neill Ettridge’ Signature will go a long way toward improving every drummer’s technique.
ProMark was recently acquired by D’Addario USA. A complete factory relocation and retool – and the Neill Ettridge Signature stick is now built to an even higher standard of quality, with an even better balance and more consistent weight across models.