Superstar Drummer Visit.

DrumLab Fourways recently had the privilege of having the legendary USA drummer, Lenny White drop by the studio whilst on tour in SA from the Cape Town Jazz Festival.

Lenny’s credentials speak for themselves but suffice to say, their hasn’t been many a top-flight artist in America that Lenny hasn’t worked at some point in […]

DrumLab4 opens doors in Fourways

Due to high demand, a fourth fully-equipped DrumLab studio opened early in December 2014, just two doors down from the main DrumLab1 facility in Music Mate, Fourways. With teachers, Shaun James & Po-Chung Chen at the helm in DrumLab4, the new venue is even more focused on beginner Drum Kit students of all ages – as […]

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    Exciting Percussion Instruction Add-On To DrumLab4 – Fourways

Exciting Percussion Instruction Add-On To DrumLab4 – Fourways

For any budding Percussion superstars out there, we offer courses in African, Latin and Hand Percussion at the DrumLab4 studio in Fourways.

This includes instruments such as Djembe, Congas, Bongos and other primary hand-held percussion instruments, such
Cabassa, Shakers, Guiro etc.

Edenvale / Glendower DrumLab3 Refit Completed

One Johannesburg region where there seemed to be a lack of purpose-built Drum Kit Training facilities & quality teaching, was in the Edenvale area. We are confident that the fabulous updated Drumlab3, with Roland V-Drums and  M-Audio gear, headed up by Mssrs Nick Mc Creadie & Po-Chung Chen, is going to hit this right […]

DrumLabs Feature The New Roland TD15-K V-Drums

With a massive nod of gratitude to Roland South Africa and acknowledgment of their ongoing support and confidence in DrumLab, students now have the opportunity to play the very best Digital Drums available. This in the form of the new TD15-K and TD-30KV V-Drums at DrumLabs 1, 3 & 4, along with the top […]

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ProMark ‘Neill Ettridge’ Top-Selling Sticks in SA

The ProMark (USA) TXNEW Signature Drumsticks are now the amongst the best-selling sticks in South Africa!

Played and recommended by many of the top professionals in the industry, the Neill Ettridge-designed stick features what Neill considers to be many of the attributes of some of the best drum sticks models across different brands available, merged in […]

DrumLab1 Hosts Trinity London 2013-2016

Trinity London has just completed this year’s Trinity/Guildhall Drums Practical exam, once again utilising the DrumLab1 facility in Fourways for both DrumLab candidates and some external students from regional schools.
Primary indications are that 2014 exam marks across all grades are very favourable, and we are hoping that a DrumLab student wins the Trinity medal for […]